Spiritually Empowered Women

Woman Spiritual Connection to Universe

Spiritual Empowerment for women is crucial to good Emotional Health. Women who feel empowered report feeling free, not burdened by bearing the weight of the world on their shoulders, and being happy. Much of this is due to perception. One of the most valuable keys the Spiritually Empowered Woman can use to unlock her next level of empowerment is to acknowledge what a wonderful and unique person she is and that she has much to offer the world. Spiritually Empowered Women accept themselves for who they are. Once she makes the decision to feel good about herself, what she has to offer the world and knows her strengths and can build on those, nothing can hold her back! The world is waiting … [Read more...]

Family Relationships

Family Hug

Family Relationships can be the most challenging ones to manage. It's no secret that family members can unnerve you, upset your day and leave you exasperated faster than anyone else. You love them and you want the best for them. This also means they can - and sometimes, do - take advantage of that. It's difficult to tell them no. It's even more difficult to express disapproval for fear of starting another round of arguing, crying, hurt feelings, exchanging words that can't be unspoken along with the overwhelming fatigue that sets in when emotions have run amok. Sometimes you just give in to the overwhelm - and unfortunately, the people who have presented you with this unpleasant … [Read more...]

Emotional Empowerment


Emotional Empowerment is one of the most difficult areas of empowerment for women to attain. Women are often seen as weak if they allow others to see their emotional side. Men are stoic. Women cry. But being emotionally healthy can lead to success in business, personal relationships and overall physical health. In the past, researchers believed that people were successful because they were happy. Recent research shows that it's more likely to be the other way around. Emotional Empowerment gives a woman strength and confidence to know that she is in control of herself and  her emotions. Happy people tend to focus on their goals and work toward them. They can locate the resources … [Read more...]

7 Principles of Empowerment


The 7 Principles of Empowerment can help you to follow through with creating the life you want to live. Empowerment is what you're seeking, but achieving it is not always an easy process. Simple, yes. Easy, no. Other people will interfere with your life, giving all kinds of advice on what you should do to make things better. But very often, those people can't even get their own acts together. So they turn to someone, like you and me - and countless others just like us - who are trying to get a workable plan in place for the life we want to live - and the next thing that happens is more chaos, more disorder, more disruption, less of what was supposed to be accomplished in the first … [Read more...]

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