My name is Teresa Beeman and I’m glad you’re here.

I want to tell you about an exciting program I developed to help people who are seeking a way to Empower themselves to live their lives on their own terms.

The elements of my program are based on my own life experiences – what I did that worked and what I did that failed miserably. But you know what? I learned some very valuable lessons along the way and I’m willing to share them with you.

I’ll tell you right from the start. I don’t write sales pages for a living. I hate long sales pages. In fact, I’d rather say, “Here’s what I’m offering. Here’s how it can benefit you. Here’s what it costs.” But this program is so unique, it deserves more of an introduction than that – and if you think it might be something you’d be interested in, you deserve to know more about what is involved.

So I’ve put as much detail as I can into describing my program: 52 Weeks to a More Empowered Life. Giving you all the details of what the program contains would take you all day to read because it is a one-year program. But I can assure you of this: it is worth every minute of the investment of time and every penny of the financial investment.

How can I know this? Of course, I think it is worth it. It’s my program. But that’s not the real reason. You see, I went through a trial by fire, so to speak, in the past 3 years. Everything about that experience changed who I was.

The experience made me sick – physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I almost died and was all but completely dis-empowered. I did a lot of thinking from a hospital bed and from my chair as I sat at my desk, staring out the window, wondering how in the world was I going to rebuild myself and regain my Empowerment.

Now maybe you’re sitting there thinking: “What is Empowerment? How do you get it? How long will it take? How much will it cost?”

Those are common questions for just about everything these days. You want the bottom line because you are busy, busy, busy. But overloading your life to the point of being so busy you barely have time to breathe is NOT the same as being productive. And just because you’re getting it all done doesn’t even come close to meaning you are Empowered.

I’m going to give you details about my program, but first let’s look at the questions above. The answers will give you some insight as to how my program can help you, with modules spread out over time, at a price you can afford.

(You may already know about the program and have made the decision to enroll. If so, go ahead and click the small-buy-now button and start the registration process. A new page will open and you will not lose this page unless you close the Tab or Window you had open. If you want to know more before you enroll, please keep reading.)

What is meant by Empowerment or Self-Empowerment? First, there is something you need to realize. This is very important, so think carefully about it. No one – no one – can Empower you except YOU! That’s right! You must Empower yourself.Do it yourself

Self-Empowerment is a DIY job. But with the proper tools and information, you can make any changes you want to make in your life; go where you want to go; do what you want to do.

Self-Empowerment means increasing your strength in your life – in the areas where you need it – NOT where someone else tells you it should be. This course will help you figure out where that is. It’s a self-assessment – no one is going to analyze you, evaluate your papers or give you a failing grade. Remember, the idea is for YOU to make yourself stronger.

woman-ponderingHow do you get (or find) Self-Empowerment? It comes from a desire, deep inside of you, to find and follow your true calling.

Have you had a nagging little thought about the things you wanted to do years ago, but never did? What about when you were a child and someone asked what you wanted to be when you grew up. Did you grow up and follow your dreams? If not, why not?

What held you back? What stopped you? Did you choose a path you wish you hadn’t? Did you allow someone else to choose a path for you?

Have you ever said, “If I only knew then what I know now, I would have done things differently”? What about this one? “If I knew how, I’d make changes in my present life, but I don’t even know what to do to get started.” Do you find yourself thinking that if you only knew how to put a plan together that you would embark on your dream journey now?

I have good news! It isn’t too late! Unless you are bed-ridden or terminally ill, there is still time. But you have to stop making excuses and get started today – this minute! You cannot get back the time that is gone. All you can do is move forward and not use up valuable minutes, hours, days and weeks regretting, wishing, hoping and thinking about what might have been – or what could be if you could just step out in courage.

This course will teach you the steps you must take, the tools you can use, how to find resources, what to do with them when you find them, how to set benchmarks to track your progress and so much more. In fact, there isn’t enough room on this page to cover everything you will learn over the course of the 52-week program.

Who should enroll in this program?

If your life is filled on a day-to-day basis with other people’s drama,time-for-change their demands on your time and their expectations of what and how you should deliver, you are NOT Living an Empowered Life. If anything, you’re living an imprisoned life!

Isn’t it time to stop, gain control of the navigation and take command of your life? Isn’t it time for a change?

Yes, you say, but 52 weeks? Ask yourself this question: Did you get into the situation you’re in now in a day? A week? A month? Even a year? Of course, not!

Most likely, it took years to put you where you are and you are going to have to do some digging – some real excavating – to clear away all the trappings that are holding you in a place you want to leave.

Whether you call it 52 weeks, one year, 12 months, 4 quarters or 365 days, it can be a long time to be focused on one program. You must be certain you want to make significant changes to your life and be committed to the program because it is going to change your life!

But you will soon realize that when you are making progress with your life plans, the time will fly. The only thing you will notice is that you are achieving Empowerment and getting closer to being able to live your life on your own terms. You will realize that your dreams really are within your reach!

jan-decIn fact, you will be looking forward to the next steps you have to take that will move you closer to your dream.

Stop what you are doing and give this question some thought for a moment: Where will you be a year from now?

The only difference will be whether you enroll in this Empowerment program or just keep going in the direction you’re already headed.

When you enroll in the 52 Weeks to a More Empowered Life program, you will receive the training, materials and knowledge to make significant changes in your life.

I will share with you valuable lessons I learned from dealing with drama, trauma and chaos in my own life and the steps it took for me to regain my Empowerment. Yes, that’s right. I have been exactly where you are now.

I have been there, done that, bought half a dozen T-shirts and I DO NOT want to go t-shirtsback. Thanks to the lessons I learned, the plan I developed and the steps I implemented, my life is going in a forward direction. I want to help as many people as I possibly can to do the same things for themselves.

If you don’t get up the courage to start now and take the steps necessary to live your life on your own terms, you will most likely be moving backward. Why would you want to do that?

Life does not stand still. It is always moving. So, either you move forward with it, or you’re backing up. Do you really want to be someone who searches, finds, then runs away because you are afraid of failure? Maybe you are afraid of what other people will say. So what? If you’re searching for a way to make your life your own, don’t let anything stop you.

It’s YOUR life. That’s right. It’s one to a person and no one else gets to tell you how to live it. 52 Weeks to a More Empowered Life will show you how to do it.

You’re probably wondering how it works, so let’s go over some info on that right now. You already know that we are talking about a commitment of 52 weeks.

The course is broken down into 4 parts with 13 modules per part.

    1. Part 1 is a Focus on Self-Excavating – All About You and Your “Self”. selfIn other words, who you are, how you got to this point in your life, where you think you should you be and what is it you really want. A few of the elements covered in Part 1 are:
      • Understanding wants versus needs
      • Successful People of the Past Century and what we can learn from them
      • Misconceptions and Expectations
      • Enemies of Your Success
      • Owning Your Life
      • Formulas for Empowering your life
    2. Part 2 focuses on Determining What Success Means to You. Did you realize that some people cannot give a good definition for the word “success?” By the time you have finished this program, you will have a very clear idea of what success is and how to achieve it. Part 2 will also cover:


      • Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons
      • Power of Choice
      • Power of Visualization
      • Power of Motivation
      • Power of Determination and
      • Power of Thoughts and Words
      • Characteristics of the Entrepreneur
      • How to achieve the Millionaire Mindset

At this point, the course is half over. You will do some self-assessment on what you have covered and where you feel you still need to do some personal work.


    1. Part 3 (Modules 27-39) Will take you through:
      • Creating or Developing Your Business or Intention
      • Stumbling Blocks to Your Empowerment and Success
      • Resolving Not to Quit
      • Evaluating Your Web Site
      • Avoiding the Iceberg of Success
      • Reputation Marketing
      • Misconceptions behind the term “Time Management”

You will learn:

      • Techniques for improving your memory skills
      • Methods for defining Your Passion
      • How to write and publish books to tell a wider audience about your business, adventure or dream
      • How to create your own programs
      • How to find opportunities to speak about your topic
      • How to create opportunities to teach classes and workshops
      • How to develop multiple streams of income
    1. Part 4 lays out the steps for Designing a Roadmap for Your Future and will give you guidance on:


    • Creating a Checklist for Practice, Planning and Preparation
    • Doing it your way
    • Stepping out of your comfort zone to enlarge your dream so you can create bigger, better and brighter things
    • “Owning” your niche
    • Becoming the “go-to” recognized authority in your field
    • What to do if you find you are losing your enthusiasm for what you thought was your “perfect dream.”

At the end of Part 4, you will have completed the 52-Week program. At this point, you will do another evaluation of your progress and an evaluation of the program – giving your suggestions for how I can make things better for future students.

These descriptions just skim the surface of all the materials that will be covered. Let me tell you again what you get in the

Empowered and Living It:
52 Weeks to a More Empowered Life Program

  • 4 Parts made up of 52 weekly modules with guidance for re-engineering your life
  • Each Module has a minimum of 5 Elements broken down into step-by-step, thought-provoking, make-you-wonder-why-you-didn’t-do-this-a-long-time-ago information
  • Handbook and Worksheets for printing out and putting into a Notebook so you can make your own notes and use for future reference
  • Modules are pre-recorded so you can listen at your own convenience and work through the assignments
  • Weekly Live Q & A sessions to discuss what you have learned, get answers to your questions and anything else you want to discuss
  • Daily Motivational messages sent directly to your Inbox

This course is a huge undertaking – no doubt about it. But think of the possibilities that await you if you put one foot in front of the other; determined that by this time next year, you are going to be way ahead of where you are now.

And one more thing to consider, there is a high likelihood that you will have more useable skills and applicable knowledge in the 52 weeks that it takes to finish this course than you will have if you enroll in a 4-year college degree program.

That’s right! Most of what you will learn in this program is not taught in college courses. Colleges don’t teach Empowerment classes. Colleges don’t teach classes on How to be an Entrepreneur! But YOU will be able to start applying what you learn in 52 Weeks to a More Empowered Life from Day One. How many college courses have you taken that helped you to do that? My guess is – ZERO!

The 52-Weeks to a More Empowered Life offers a variety of ideas for helping you make this program your own. It helps you look at all the areas of life that you deal with on a daily basis: your health, your finances, your education and/or business and your relationships. That is what Life is like, and that is what this program is about.

Even if one area of your life is OK right now, but there are things you don’t like about other areas, the odds of you living a happy and fulfilling life are against you. Chances are that you will never be living the life of your dreams unless you find your Empowerment!

Life is too short to be anything BUT happy. You deserve to learn how to take away the power that negativity has over you and to focus on the good. If you were feeling completely happy and living the life of your dreams, you wouldn’t still be reading this page.

So we have covered all the basic questions and you are wondering what it’s going to cost you to get your life turned in the direction of your dreams.

Like all programs of this magnitude, the information it contains will increase as I find ways I can make it better in the future – which means that every time I teach this class, the price will go up because it will be a resource with more and more value.

The first thing I want you to know is that you will have access to any and all resources and information I add to the program in the future. Guaranteed. By enrolling now, you will be getting a super deal because you acted quickly and made your investment at the program’s launch.

Anyone who enrolls a year from now will still be getting an extremely valuable program, but the cost of the investment will be higher.

So let’s talk about cost. Very few people I know have unlimited resources. I don’t. You probably don’t either. So you either have to save to buy what you want, include it in your current budget or finance it. Sometimes you have to sacrifice. But I think we can make this affordable so that you wouldn’t have to sacrifice much – and not for very long – if at all.
What would you be willing to give up to make the kind of changes we’re talking about now? Would you pack your lunch instead of going out to eat every day? How much does lunch cost you? $3 – $5 – $7?

$7 a day is $35 a week. $35 per week would be $1,750 a year (assuming you take a 2-week vacation.) But the investment for 52 Weeks to a More Empowered Life is much lower than that. It’s even less than the cost of indulging in a Starbucks Tall Iced Coffee at $1.95 every day.

Eating lunch out 5 days a week and having a Tall Iced Coffee 5 days a week, costs you $2,275 a year – for lunch and gourmet coffee!

Right now, in the Introductory Special of 52 Weeks to a More Empowered Life, the cost is just $365 – that’s $1 per day for a program unlike anything else on the market today.

$365 gives you:

  • Personalized attention for one full year to learn to Empower Yourself to Live Life on Your Own Terms!
  • Learning materials that you can read and listen to over and over again as often as you like
  • Real-time access to the program’s creator to ask your questions and get help with areas where you are struggling.
  • Updated materials in the future

But best of all – it gives you the means necessary to change your life so that you are making Empowered choices about what you want to do!

Maybe you’re thinking, “Gee, this sounds great, but I just don’t have the money right now.” I’ve been there, too. So, to make it easier for you, I’m offering 3 different payment plans – a 1-pay; a 2-pay and a 4-pay plan. It doesn’t get much easier than that. And with the things you learn, you can probably recoup your investment very soon. What you have to do is take ACTION today!


You may be wondering when I will offer the program again and that you’ll just wait until the next time. Well, you can do that, but I would advise you to take advantage of the session starting on January 1, 2015 – just a few, short days away. Why?

I will reopen the program for a new Session in the Summer, 2015 – probably around July 1. But the price won’t be $365. The price next time will be at least $750!
Maybe you are afraid to take that step – to put your toe in the water. That isn’t surprising. Did you know that FEAR has killed more dreams than outright failure ever will? This program will teach you how to conquer that fear so that it has no more power over you.

This is a well-rounded program that helps you take a look at yourself – to examine where you are right now, what brought you to this point and where you are headed. It gives you the materials to work with that will help you make necessary course corrections to navigate yourself through the choppy waters of life until you reach calmer seas and smoother sailing.

I believe I can help you – and I want to help you. I also understand the hesitancy. Will it be the right program for you? Will you really learn the things you need to learn? Is it a worthwhile investment?

I can’t make the decisions for you. What I can do is this: If you are not fully satisfied with what you are learning by the end of the first 30 days, I will refund 100% of your investment, no questions asked.

But, in return, I do have some minimal requirements. You must have actually used the materials and done the exercises. There are Assignments you will need to turn in so that I know you are really working the program – and if you are truly working the program and aren’t satisfied – then you can request a full refund.

Who should NOT enroll in this program?

I’ve been doing business on the internet long enough to know that people get caught up in the BSOS (Bright Shiny Object Syndrome). They get excited because the program sounds wonderful. It’s exactly what they need and it will turn their lives around. They will make millions of dollars, travel around the world, have a big, fat bank account and live happily ever after.

So they buy the program, mark the dates on their calendar and tell themselves “this time” they’ve found the answer that will make them rich and famous.

In reality, other than setting up their account, they most likely never log into their Dashboard, never download the materials – much less look at them or listen to them – and never, ever implement them. So, of course, the program doesn’t work for them.

Sometimes they say, “Oh, I wanted to get it while the price was low. I’ll get around to it when I have more time.”

They can’t learn this material through osmosis. They actually have to put forth some effort, but it’s much easier to ask for a refund, then go spend the money on someone else’s course. They won’t put forth any effort on that program either and they’ll probably ask for a refund for that one, too.

Those are not the kind of people I want enrolling in my program. I want people who are serious about making significant changes in their lives. I want the people who are burned out with what they are doing, but don’t know which way to turn. I want the people who don’t even know what they want – they only know that what they have isn’t it.

The 52 Weeks to a More Empowered Life is a program for people who are tired of living their lives on someone else’s terms. They want to be Empowered to live life on their terms. They want to own their lives. And I want to help them achieve that. That’s what my program is all about.

By now, you have either made the decision to enroll in this class and spend the next year changing your life, or you are still sitting on the sidelines, hesitating, wishing you could make up your mind. So I’m going to offer you some Bonuses that will make the program even more valuable for you:

  • Bonus #1 – my ebook, 7 Tips to Becoming a More Empowered You
  • Bonus #2 – my ebook, Winning the Battle with Stress – Your Empowerment Guide to Recognizing the Signs and Conquering the Effects
  • Bonus #3 – the compilation: No Idling – 30 Inspiring Stories from Those Who Do the Work
  • Bonus #4 – my report, 11 Steps to Personal Empowerment
  • Bonus #5Freedom, Money, Time and the Key to Creative Success by Mark McGuinness
  • Bonus #6 – 1-year membership at the Empowered Level

As I told you above, there will be more and more extremely valuable information added to the program as we go along. I have several Kindle books in the works, including a version of the Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons for Women – as well as a version for men and teens – and you will be given a copy of your choice of one of those.

I’m ironing out the details for a live event. This would give you an opportunity to meet some of your fellow students, get some hands-on training and do some networking. (More on that later, but yes, the price of your ticket will be included with your enrollment in the 52 Weeks program. In fact, I’ll give you 2 tickets – one for you and one for a friend or spouse.)

I want to give you some exposure to other viewpoints on some of this material, so I’m in talks with several well-known professionals in the fields of:

  1. Empowerment
  2. Entrepreneurial Endeavors
  3. Writing Books – Kindle and physical books
  4. Building Blogs
  5. Traffic and visibility for your business, project or whatever you decide to work on
  6. Crowdfunding
  7. and so many more things that I can’t even talk about right now

I’m excited – for myself – because this project is my baby and I want to make it the best thing on the market – the best all-around training available anywhere.

But I’m excited for YOU, because you have the opportunity to get in on the introductory offering of ground-breaking training that is so new and different. Don’t wait any longer. I have a limited number of spots available and I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity to start living a More Empowered Life.


It’s an opportunity to change your life for the better, to gain knowledge that will Empower you to soar to greater heights than you ever thought possible!

I really don’t know what else to tell you except that you should take a step forward. Then Leap leapinto a new and different life. I promise you, the net will appear.

I look forward to you joining me on January 1, 2015 for the 52 Weeks journey that will take you to a More Empowered Life.





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